Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lonesome Jim

Finally got the DVD for this indie film. It was worth the long search. Every 20-something person should watch this movie. It's about Jim Roush who's just like us, sometimes lost, bit of a loser-kind, hates his parents, and really just a depressed fella. The movie brings about his self-realization and of him moving on to better days in the end. I think all of us needs something like that at one point or another. He question why we even try at all when we never achieve anything, how anyone can go on when life is so bleak. At the end though, he realized that just like basketball, we just got to keep on trying or we would never know. The movie's directed by Steve Buscemi (yay), so you can expect the sly humour and sometimes of situations so real that it gets u. This is one movie where you really got to read between the lines. Great script!

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