Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Worst Jobs Ever

There's a new TV series called The Worst Jobs In History. See here. Some people might say that an airline job RIGHT NOW is just about the worst job ever after 9/11. Some Malaysians think that they are having the worst job ever. Well, before that, are you....
1) a Faeces Collector- in some rural places this occupation still exist in places where sanitization facilities are still limited.
2) a Toll Collector- seriously, I think this must be the most boring job ever- the routine is right hand out..and right hand in...imagine if you were a toll collector in some ulu place like Kulim!
3) a Security Guard- it's quite a ridiculous job when they sleep most of the time. And just weeks ago, someone stole my company's signboard right under the guard's nose. *faint*
4) a Tea Lady- really, tea ladies in Malaysia are so exploited, they sometimes have to be janitors too. and you gotta remember what everyone in the company drinks!
Can you beat that?

1 comment:

Gallivanter said...

True, sometimes we tend to take things for granted. But I know one thing for sure though, I've always had high respect for these people.

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