Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pampering Yourself

I have to tell you, lotsa people don't know how to pamper themselves. Men especially. Not because they don't want to, but because we're all constrained by finances, work..etc. Although I would recommend that we reward ourselves at least once a month with.....
1) A hearty fine dining meal, with a group of buddies or family
2) A body massage(shiatsu,tui-na, oil, hot stone, whatever) or foot massage
3) A manicure/pedicure- it's a relaxing ordeal in its own way
4) A facial treatment- believe me, men are already doing this...there are free trials everywhere so take advantage of it ;) or some RM50 trials.
5) A short trip - this could be anywhere, if budget is limited, Air Asia is a good option
The thing is that we gotta take time to pamper ourselves, or else what the hell are we working so hard for?taking all that crap from your manager for? get the hell up so early for work for? A lot of gwailos take one or 2 years off and take a vacation job...might seem preposterous to Malaysians but it's actually taking a breather...from all the hustle bustle of life. Good time to do reflection. We hardly do that anymore what with all the deadlines to chase. The key is we've got to Live In the Moment. A little self indulgence needs no justification.


Gallivanter said...

I don't know about once a month, but yes to once in 3 months... :-)

1) Hearty fine dining meal. Hell yeah! Errr...does Sushi count? LOL

2) Body massage - I've done this EVERY time I go on a holiday. Usually the works. Absolutely hypnotic...

3) Manicure/padicure - got 'em for free last year @ Koh Samui, after spending money on kickass massages.

4) Facial treatment - last one in Bali last April.

5) Short trip. DEFINITELY. Twice a year at least for FLYING TRIPS and a dozen or so of local getaways.

So, do I know how to pamper myself? :-)

tihtahpah said...'re one of those guys who really know how to pamper yourself. Only my gay frens really know how to take care of themselves. They'll be sharing with me beauty tips and hair/facial care tips like no other woman :). Metrosexuality rocks!

cely said...

i agreed!

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