Monday, October 02, 2006

Foot Reflexology

I'm a massage freak. Body massage, hand massage, foot massage.....My favourite being foot acupressure. One cannot phantom why anyone would want to pay for such sadistic ordeal that is without question excruciating and agonizing. But I love it. So does many other Malaysians apparently. It's a booming industry, where people are more health conscious and rewards themselves a bi-weekly massage in between their hectic schedule. Well, here's some of my recommendations on where to go so you get your money's worth, coz it's really not cheap, ranging RM40-RM50 per hour.
1) Chow Yang (Bangsar Baru)- newly is the best for the price of RM50 per hour. If you're picky like me, look for Max.
2) Ashi (Taman Danau Desa) above 7-evelen- look for the sifu Mr. Soong for RM40 per hour, or get the package price for RM33 per hour.
And no worries, these are 'clean' joints.

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