Friday, September 29, 2006


I told myself I would never pay to watch Chinese flicks. I don't give them enough credit maybe. But I went to the cinema to watch the premier of Rob-B-hOOD FREE! Has all the usual cliches and plot seems to be a cross between Ocean's Eleven and Three Men & A Baby. So the plot's nothing original. But this flick has Jackie Chan. If anything, I doubt there is any other stuntman in the world who's as dedicated as him. I take more delight in watching his choreography in his fight scenes than watching lousy performance of the supposed HK heartthrob, Louis Koo. Check out the scene of Jackie Chan hoping from one conditioner unit to another from the top floor of a building.
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toniXe said...

yeah great stuff from Jackie, tho can't stand the excessive baby shit scenes !

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