Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Man's View- Career Woman

Career is something which everyone is chasing for regardless of man or woman in today's era. Forget about old saying that woman need to marry early, stayat home to cook or take care of children and etc.There's imacable changes over times and marvellouswork done by what we called superwoman in today'scorporate world. In fact I got this topic out when I started my new job at an Executive search company in which woman outnumbered man and things here will be different to my experience for a period of time I guess. But what have in fact choke my expectation, most woman here are professionals and they speak english fluently. The way they complete their tasks promptly and the way they speak to client is just simply marvellous. I guess it'll be much fun to be under a woman's guidance for the first time. I believe this company have somehow or rather a friendly, open environment which make my adrenaline feel warm and pumping soothingly. Hope things will get better herewith all superwoman around! Cheers!- My Guest Writer- KennyL


kyels said...

Equality; that's the word.


CASh said...

Yay! Hurrah for equality!

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