Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To That Ignorant Little Shit

Here's to that ignorant little shit I met,
Yeah you, the one who fought relentlessly that,
Knocking On Heaven's Door was written by Guns N Roses,
You fool, coz everyone knows Dylan own that song.
But then again u thought that Kenny Rogers did Lyin' Eyes!
Oh u ignorant little shit,
Feel like giving u a hard kick,
Telling me you don't even know Mr Chin Peng,
Your goddamn roots, you little shit,
For god's sake go read the farking newspapers ,
It's only RM1.20, or the Sun for some headliners.
Because it really makes me go bonkers,
When you think you're right when you're actually not!!!!! - SZER
- haha...harmless little poem for laughs...


Gallivanter said...

Knockin on Heaven's Door is originally sung by Bob Dylan for that movie, Billy the Kid. GNR are copycats. :-P

tihtahpah said...

YAR...EXACTLY..tell it to that ignorant little shitface

endroog.com said...

ANywhere can get that show, The Last Communist?

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