Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brag Somewhere Else

Women and Men all like to brag. They brag about how much they make, where they've been, where they work, how they work, whom they slept with before, who they are dating,etc.....the list goes on. You practically can brag about everything under then sky! My first encounter with a bragqueen was when I was 13. Was just a freaking kid, and a classmate told me she just came back from god-knows-where and was flashing me pics of herself having a ball. I hardly knew her. She never stopped bragging up till now. When I was in college, there was this real pretty brat who was farking rich and wanted to hold her bday party at my condo by the swimming pool. Bragged that she has a lot of money and well she said she'll pay for everything but we have to organize for her. I went off to meet another friend for drinks in Bangsar that night haha. Even relatives brag- mostly about their children. Can't comprehend why coz I don't really give a fark if that distant cousin of mine is rich as hell.
I have my own theory why people brag;
1) Low Self Esteem: They wanna appear to be better
2) Superiority: makes them feel powerful when they seemed more superior
3) Wannabe: just wanna be the IT person of the day/decade/forever
4) Attention seekers: Just constantly wanna be on the limelight
5) They have nothing to say: some people just have got no substance, nothing to say..and so they brag. Bragging is their only topic of conversation they can think of.
I dunno..I've always found the person who says and reveals the least, the most mysterious and intriguing. Empty vessels make the most noise..... :)


earl-ku said...

eh i tot its empty cans makes the most noise ...

belle said...

titaktaktitaktak..i cock alot.i wonder which one i am.haha

kyels said...

Action speaks louder than words; one of the proverbs that can be used against people who brags but does not seem to do anything.

cash said...

Then I'm not revealing anything, lol! ;P

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