Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've learned since very young (thanks to my mom) that we should never expect anything. When you do good, you don't expect anything in return. It really makes life much easier, trust me. Just give it away if you've got it. But well, after a while, it does make you feel like you're some 'idiot' who just likes to give. And not take. I think my mom hardly taught me how to 'take'.
But in all, I do learn that when you don't expect at all, people around you may not be able do the same. People around you will expect something from you. Be it something simple, like showing up for dinner, or indulging on a phone conversation, or lending a shoulder to cry on. SO I CAN always not expect anything, but people would always expect something from me. How can I ignore that especially if these people are people you love the most. And yet, it's quite exhausting and a real adrenaline chase trying to please everyone around you. There's only so much I can do. So this year, for reunion dinners, tried to mix the 'those who don't talk to each other' up, because I'm expected to meet 'those who don't talk to each other' separately, but I can't anymore, because my staying period in Ipoh no longer allows the luxury of meeting one person at a time. From now on, only people that matters, matters.

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endroo G said...

Woooh... that's so mean. "Only people that matters, matters."

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