Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Worry Worm

Are you one of those worry warts who just can't get enough sleep? Just can't shake it off you? Well, I used to be a worry wart. The slightest thing gets me worked up and my thoughts would be practically running a railway station the whole night.... couldn't sleep at all. But then now I have a strategy. I think most of us are bothered by really stupid and trivial things. Eliminate that. Filter that OUT. Pass the problem to someone else who cares enough. Then, you're left with your real problems. Ok now, decide which problems can be solved quickly - do those first. Solve them. ASAP. Now, you're probably left with the really major, 'kik-sau' problems. Decide, which problems are within your control and which aren't. Things you can do something about. Why fret and worry over problems you cannot control- you can only wait and see what happens right? Like death. Problems that you CAN still do something about them, you'll just have to make extra effort to do so. Take a day off. Get a time-out. EVERYONE NEEDS A TIME OUT ONCE IN A WHILE. Problem with us is that we sometimes take tooo much time worrying, trashing out at the mamak then actually solving it. Cis. Blame in on the teh tarik. Hehe. And if you're out for some fun, leave the worry baggage ok. This is the Worm signing off.

1 comment:

Kyels said...

Yes, all of us need time out, definitely.

I am also a worry worm and I think I have too many things to worry at this moment ... But oh well, I guess it's best to go with the flow.

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