Monday, February 12, 2007

The Story of a Relationship

Interlude: The preliminary stage, where everything seems damn good. Songs sound better than ever, irregardless what music you were listening to. You find yourself smiling to yourself a lot unconsciously. Some people get disorientated, losing sleep and crazy sial. But what's most important I guess, that this is certainly a realization that an adjustment is about to take place. From singlehood to WE-hood. This is just the beginning.
The Relationship: It's all about maintenance. Once you've done all the preliminary verification and check, it's about keeping the relationship alive. Trust comes into play a lot here. Family also plays a part. It's really about sharing a life together- one should compliment another.
Exitlude: A relationship usually ends because of perhaps it was necessary, a sacrifice for the sake of the other. Or a 3rd person. But you shouldn't take the exit without having fought for it- I mean a real good fight :). Or else, what was the point of having the relationship anyway if you're too lazy to fight for it?


Kyels said...

Relationships are always about giving and taking. It's an equilibrium between two people in most things.


It's sweet but requires a lot of effort; that's relationship.

endroo G said...

I always believe in "What you give, you get back".

Tell me, who dont know that song..?!

Lex said...

whaaa you also into the jiwang season uh? hehehe :p

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