Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Known too many to know that most of us are LOST. Some have no direction, not knowing where they're heading to...Some are just basically going with the flow, whereever the wind takes them. Some are just totally lost in the world of loveshits. Some are just lost cause they're caught in a big big rut, that they're STILL struggling to get out from. I think first, recognize that it's not wrong to be LOST. It's OK to be LOST. It doesn't mean that it's time to start looking for a religion to belong to(strangely, some people cling on to that). And recognize that you do need to give yourself time to sort yourself out. Take a few years if you have to. And it's OK to take a TIME OUT sometimes. Go mad or crazy once in a while. So what if we're lost. Everyone's lost at one point of their lives. Why we need to conform to having a structured, 2kids-marriage-is-my-life anyways- that's not how everyone HAS to live. Just saying that it takes time to get UN-LOST.
Time....is on my side.
Yes it is.
You're searching for good times.
But just wait and see.- Time is On My Side (Rolling Stones)


philters said...

someone is seriously in a philosophic mood.

babe, its too friggin' early in the morning la. orang baru je masuk office.

tihtahpah said...

aiya..i only got 1 hour to blog before i start work..
sorry girl, inspiration comes early in the morning for me :)

endroo G said...

i'm no more a loss adjuster. I'm now a lost adjuster.

Kyels said...

I don't believe in marriage and fairy-tale endings 'cause all those need full effort and committment. Seeing what the world is like today proves that things can be really ugly.

We are all lost, somehow. To un-lost, we have to find ourselves.

cash said...

Not having a structured, 2kids-marriage-is-my-life IS NOT BEING LOST. Damnit. There are many ways to live a life.

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