Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Japan: Forward-Looking.

Princess Kiko gave birth to a boy, who is now 3rd in line to the throne, after Naruhito and Akihito. The reason why this news is worth mentioning is that prior to this birth, there were efforts to amend imperial law to allow females to ascend the throne. There would have been debates between those who are for and against this amendment, but I supposed in the end, the logic that having an ‘Empress’ is better than not having anyone at all from the royal blood line. No, this is not a sexist post. I’m just glad that Japan, being Asian and having also been nurtured in the similar social environment where the males are always more ‘precious’, that they have at least taken this almost-would-have-been step. Emperor Hirohito had even set precedence and a very good example by not having any concubines. (Now, why are we still practising polygamy here???) Anyhow, seems like a bright future for the women in Japan. I just hope other Asian countries would follow suit, thinking-wise, and maybe wipe out those bad behaviour like aborting female fetuses, sidelining women in receiving education, abuse?, paying women less, etc etc.. hehhe. Good news?


szer said...

Out with polygamy- if i remember correctly polygamy was to help the poorer people- now it's an excuse for other selfish reasons.

Stupe said...

they finally has a boy to take the throne today.

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