Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Music Tagging

I learnt this from other bloggers where you can tag other people to find out what they're listening to. What a wonderful idea..best way to share music, don't you think? So here's a list of what I've been listening to. Feel free to tag yours here (no restriction to genre and music type)
1. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
2. Midnight Show- The Killers
3. Love Is Only A Feeling -The Darkness
4. Crystal Ball -Keane
5. Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison
6. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own- U2
Let me know what's your list!


Gallivanter said...

1) Bon Jovi - 2 Story Town
2) Offspring - Race Against Myself
3) Martin Page - House of Stone & Light
4) Starship - It's Not Enough
5) John Waite - New York City Girl
6) INXS - God's Top Ten

Yup, I'm a little old...LOL

tihtahpah said...

Starship? That goes a long way back..they've got that song ALways... Starship also was voted making the Worst Song Ever- We Built This City!

Gallivanter said...

I like WE BUILT THIS CITY. Who voted it as the worst song ever? *ROLLS SLEEVES*

tihtahpah said...

http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/news/2004-04-18-worst-songs_x.htm you can see it here!!!!

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