Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shaun of the Dead

This movie reminds me of why I like duddy brit films like TheFullMonty. It's a 2004 Zombie flick. I think ShaunoftheDead is a reflection of probably how we Malaysians would react if ever the dead comes alive here (Although I do know of some Malaysians who are zombie-like). Had me laughing like hell (alone-imagine that) out loud! Not a serious film, and it's seriously for the funnies addicts only. Try to catch it on HBO.


Adam said...

One particularly funny scene I loved was where they try to act like the zombies around them.

"A romantic comedy with zombies" :-)

tihtahpah said...

and then when they were at the door, shaun's best fren picked up a phone call! hahahahaha....right in the middle of that pikchik moment!

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