Thursday, September 21, 2006

freaks and weirdos ...

Maybe the world is made up of weird people. Maybe everyone is suppose to be weird. Maybe everyone has to be different to balance things out. Maybe everyone has to like different things so that you don't end up having to share or fight for the same thing. Maybe everyone's gotta have differnt skills and talents so we could cover all jobs out there. Think about it, everyone is weird in a way. I'm sure everyone has their secret little obsession or fetish or something. And I'm sure they keep it a secret because they're afraid that people may think they're WEIRD.

So, why are they so frowned upon? Why are people subject to being branded as freaks and weirdos when they're different? Aren't we all just different kinds of weirdos? And isn't it weirder trying to fit in or blend in to a society that's already weird or is suppose to be wierd? Isn't it weird to try to un-weird yourself?
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