Monday, September 25, 2006


OK, no ones likes to be called a bitch. But really, some of you are already a bitch, you just don't know it yet. It's nothing to be proud of but perhaps we can't help it. It's our nature. And come to think of it, if there weren't any around, life would probably be pretty boring:). Let's do a self-check and see if you are a bitch.
1) Do you treat your boyfriend badly -check his cellphone ..going through his sms and registered calls? Do you make a face everytime he says he wanna spend time with his buddies?
2) Do you give the young freshies at work a hard time?...because you think you have a right to 'teach' them how the real world works? Or you just can't stand their incompetency?
3) Do you throw a fit or file a complaint because you get poor service in a mediocre restaurant because you think you're paying and jolly well should get tip-top service?
4) Do you accept gifts from guys whom you probably don't give a care about?...but if he was stupid enough to get you anything, you think you're doing him a favour by accepting his gifts? Out of pity?
Well..that's just some to begin with..there's more of what maketh a bitch. Let's just say if men can be bastards, why can't women be bitches? Right or wrong? You decide.
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