Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia?

Something's been clouding my mind for the past few days. Caught by the hot Harry Controversial Comment on Sept 15, I reflected on our identity this past weekend with my folks. Who am I? Who are you? What's my race? Whats your race? My religion? Your religion? Makes me wonder and reflect on why this is still happening. Why are we still so caught up with racial issues in our country? It's going to be 50 years after independence. What have we achieved? Certainly not racial harmony. Come to think of it, has it gotten worse since independence? How can we concentrate on the real development of the country like healthcare, education, infrastructure, economy ... etc when all the energy of the nation is channeled towards what belongs to which race and how to get more for MY race and MY religion? Why do we still have the 'race' column in all application forms? And what the heck is 'dan lain-lain'. Does it mean that if you're not a Malay, Chinese or Indian, you're a 'Miscellaneous'? And does it mean you're insignificant? trivial? since you don't even have your own category? Heck we're all Malaysian, why can't we just be Malaysian? Malaysians are so used to the Malay-Chinese-Indian notion that when they go abroad, they still call themselves a Chinese or Indian and these poor angmos get so confused as to why someone from Malaysia calls themselves Chinese or Indian. Sigh. What's wrong with us? What can we do to change this mindset? Read more and open up your minds: here and here? Then, just sit back and reflect on it. Sleep on it. Think about it. THINK DEEP ... on what's happening.

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