Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lady Boss

I related excitedly to my friends that I'm having a career change, and would soon be working with a lady boss. Lady boss? Everyone gave me a pat on the back and wished me good luck sarcastically. Why is there a general perception that lady boss' a bitch? Or is it true? I've never had a lady boss except during my stint in a restaurant. The Taiwanese lady boss is meticulous- to the extent that she gave my bartender a warning on giving the waitresses a cup full of wine and not 3 quarter full(even though we're entitled to it! one free drink on Fridays!). I'm telling you, u can't fool a lady boss. She always knew what we're up to. And it just seems that lady bosses are more tough on their female staff! I dunno, do you have a lady boss? Bitch or a fren? I say, it's alright to be a bitch if you bitch the right way, and bitch for the right reasons. Afterall, I'm all for more FEMALE CEOs in Malaysia! listen to Bitch-MeredithBrooks -my alltime fave karaoke song..


toniXe said...

congrats on your new job. since u say lady bosses very detailed, must b careful of your this blog huh ?

don't worry there r good and there r bad bosses whether man, ladies or Animals ! so good luck !

JT said...

I have to admit that male bosses are much easier to work with than female. My last job lasted for more than 5 years, working under a management full of women, from the MD, the FC, the HR, the IT and my immediate boss.
It can be really bad when these three ladies had argument and not talking to each other. Very difficult situation.
You will never know why the female boss is so moody today, you just can't predict their moodiness...sometimes it's lacking of sex, sometimes, it could be a menopause situation, sometimes they are just bitchy moody.
However, lady bosses tend to work much better with male sub-ordinates (including PLUz) than female sub-ordinates.
My advice...just try to be a Yes-man unless you have substantial reasons or proof.
If your top/snr mgmt is full of females, you need to play your role very the carefully.

tihtahpah said...

yar..ironically, i wrote about lady boss, but really i have a great male boss. So decided to stay in my company afterall. Not easy to find a good boss.

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