Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breakout from the Blues

Ever been emotionally drained? Just don't wanna meet anyone? Feeling blue and nothing seems right? Everyone has their own unique ways to break out from the blues. Blues..not depression. Some of us ....
1) Sometimes I listen to my Eagles CD (yaya, i know, they're old!) sing out loud to the tunes of GetOverIt and HeartacheTonight
2) Watch a silly movie- seriously, nothing but a great funny movie to cheer you up. I recommend Dumb and Dumber ....or Shaun of the Dead.
3) Go for a buffet- go for a really good buffet, stuff yourself silly, you'd sleep better anyway.
Most of us really just need a companion- a mutt, a friend, a chatty friend, your mom, your siblings, anyone that is the closest to your heart. And if there's no one for you, I think a trip to a temple or church is always good, sounds absurd but some spiritual comfort may do some good.

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