Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Album of Friends

What you think of Friendster, Tickle, etc? A way of making friends? A way of keeping in touch? A way of collecting friends even? Well, there used to be a time when E-CIRCLE was the most widely used until it went kapoot. Helps us to keep in touch, well virtually I guess. But to me, it's a good way but it's missing something very important: the human touch. Oh sure, we are all so busy now that we can't even make a 1 min call to a friend.... The thing about these "ALBUMS" is that it minimizes interaction- so this benefits people who are generally quiet. Even the MSN Messenger is a way to collect friends-chat when you want to, and block the person if you don't wanna talk to that person...All I'm saying here is that while these "ALBUMS" may help, it must be said that the relationships forged virtually cannot last without some human touch. It doesnt matter if your Friendster shows you have 300 friends. It doesn't mean anything if you dont REALLY know those people that well.. It takes only a short phone call, an occasional drink or a quickie meal. Get in touch.

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