Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm not a mall kinda person. Don't expect me to be hanging out in some shopping mall walking around listless like zombies or trying out new clothes/shoes/bags etc. The most I do in a mall is eating/trying out new eateries or catch a movie. That's about as far at it goes. Just last week, I met up with an old friend at Ikea.... I think I got lost for a bit there. See, I went into the Ikano Power Center parking zone but found myself parking at the Ikea parking zone. Ok, so they're connected! So is the CURVE! And so is the Cineleisure. Arghhh..You ever had that panicky shitty feeling when you can't remember where you parked your car?? I've resorted to taking pics on my phone of the parking zone. I can't count the times I got lost in the Mid Valley Megamall parking zone (Especially the B parking area). Arghhh...I remember those days when malls were plain and simple, like the Plaza Ipoh Garden in Ipoh- where there's only 1 supermarket, 1 giant superstore -Parkson, 1 shoe shop (at the corner), 1 Guardian. And seriously, even the malls in New York weren't so complicated. I went to Woodbury - a giant factory outlet, and even that wasn't so complicated! Or maybe I'm the daft one. Maybe I'm the only one who gets lost in a mall.

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