Friday, September 22, 2006

Be Positive

Just the past few days, I have noticed how negative some people can be. It's not really their fault,but I recommend to do a self check. Are you constantly complaining about how a friend never does enough for you? Or do you sit around in the mamak and complain about how poor/underpaid you are but not do anything about it? Do you throw a wet blanket at friends/family who takes up an unorthodox career move or even a course? Do you laugh at friends who enrols themselves in some self-help classes, yoga, gym saying that it's rubbish and a waste of time? Are you refraining from pursuing a relationship with someone you like because you think you're never good enough? I think being negative sometimes prohibits one from progressing forward. Although staying positive sometimes takes a lot of effort and determination whats with all the negativities around you. It's really about taking charge and being responsible for your life. You'll find yourself appreciating life more.
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