Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad Hospital Customer Service

The whole ordeal that endroog went through was made worse with our bad hospital customer service. I kept thinking what would happen if he was to admit himself alone.

Upon arrival at the emergency ward in UH, they didn't do anything to help him spit out the blood. i mean the guy was practically spitting blood and was still holding on to the cardboard tray that we got from the Tmn Desa Hosp.

We had to spend the night at the emergency ward because there weren't any beds available. Then because of the excessive bleeding, he felt really cold and i went to the nurse counter and requested for the hospital clothings so he can change from his t-shirt already drenched with blood. The nurse didnt even look at me, and i asked the other nurse if she heard me. HAHAHA. That other nurse came back with the clothes and chuck in on the table and left, not a word from her.

The next day at the dental ward, the ladies at the registration counter were of no help. Everytime i asked them anything, even before i finished my question, they just said "tunggu, tunggu la" showing a lot of irritation.
Inside the dental operation room, another fucked up doctor asked me to stand at a corner so he can help andrew. Which i obliged. Then he asked andrew to open up his mouth and kept pushing his jaw, kept insisting he's fine and asked why andrew was screaming in pain when it shouldnt hurt at all. The BLOODY doctor can't read the x-ray i suppose because another doc came and said he made a wrong diagnosis, there's definitely a fracture. All that when andrew kept telling the doc that he can feel that his upper and lower jaw are not aligned anymore. Bah! Me and andrew combined probably made a better doctor than that idiot!

Right after a 2 hour surgery, he was to be sent to the observation ward, and that was another one and a half hour wait! I assumed it was lunch time, but that's not an excuse. He even dozed off, with the jaws shut tight and all. One and a half hour later, the nurse came and she left us to wheel andrew to the observation ward. She even asked us to hurry up, as if we are interrupting her time of the day.

Bad customer service only adds up to the patients' misery. Never ever admit yourself to the hospital alone if you can help it. And if any hospital staff is reading this, well, being nice doesnt hurt, so BE NICE.


Gallivanter said...

That's crappy. The difference btw private and public is shuddering - this part of UH is public I presume? Doesn't Andrew have insurance?

Wanderer said...

Sorry to hear about your shitty experience. I would've raised hell if I were you. Anyway, that's water under the bridge. Is endroog recovering well? What's the diagnosis?

kyels said...

That is definitely a shitty experience. I realize that most public sectors are like this; they have no initiative to work and worst of all they have no friggin' manners!

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