Thursday, August 02, 2007

Working Women

Just a few days back there was an urgent issue in which I had to be at my supplier's place from morning until 8pm. And yeah, people tend to treat me differently just because i am a female in the workforce. Here are some of the questions i received on that day....

SupplierMarketing Mgr: Eh Szelin, you drove ar? How come you drove and not your two (male) colleagues?
Why the hell did I buy a car then if i wasn't gonna drive it? Oh, i guess they just assume that i'm a female and a lousy driver or just wouldnt drive because most women leave the driving to their husbands or boyfriends.

Colleague: Eh Szelin, are you sure you can stayback until so late? You need to go home and paktoh or dating ke? Masak ke? Your bf/husband mind or not??
Szelin: How come you asked me and not the other (male) colleague????
Oh, so it's macho for men to stay back for work issues, but not women because we are supposed to go home and cook, or that women just dont make work a priority (ohno, not like men do).

I read in the papers yesterday about gender inequality in Malaysia, how women are still disregarded in the workforce, the stay-at-home-make-babies mentality has not changed much in Malaysia. Perhaps it's because some women do make 'home' a priority. Nothing wrong with that. But i know some men who also make 'home' a priority. So why only women get ejek-ed?


endroo G said...

It is the culture that plays a big part in all this.

Women are well known to be a "home maker" so i think it is normal for people to think that way. Not that I disagree with your point... it is just the way of life for most people here.... if you observe. However, women nowadays are getting better position in the working world and slowly it will be equal.

I respect to women who are equally good at work and at running a home sweet home.

kyels said...

It's the mentality and culture. Women are often put in that position; being judged by others when it comes to work.

Women these days are getting climbing the corporate ladders; they're not staying at home doing the dishes and taking care of the kids only.

I guess everyone should push away such mentality and be more open minded.

zeroimpact said...

If you ask me I would say it's a two way thing
Some things are unfair to the women and some unfair to the men
I think nature has a way to equality that is not easily comprehendable

belle said...

i tell u why
guys have analsm is a must for them.

Wanderer said...

Eh, I didn't know women were even allowed to blog, much less approach high-tech equipment such as personal computers.


Just kidding ladies!


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