Tuesday, August 28, 2007


SHE WAS FANTASTIC! Great awesome show. I mean, thank gawd PAS or any other lousy PARTIs got in the way of one the best concerts to date. We hardly got any international acts because of all these PARTIs. KUNO partis.
It's just entertainment, and I have no regrets spending tuesday night roaring after her songs. There were some songs i never heard of, The Real Thing or something like that. The crowd went wild. It was only an hour and a half and i really expected it to be longer, but great nevertheless.
And all that jazz about her clothings, well, that it 'menjatuhkan akhlak" of the rakyat. Well, WHATEVER! It's the music that counts. How u expect gwailos to visit our country anymore in our quest to 'menjayakan VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR" if we can't even handle a bit of skin..


Jemima said...

I've heard nothing but great raves from everyone I know who had attended the concert.

Beyonce in Nov??? ;)

Andrew said...

Jem: Yeah... it was good. Gwen's a real entertainer.

kyels said...

I wanted to attend her concert so much but everyone does not want to go ... ):

Glad that it was a good performance though! Well, we will never be able to handle any "skins" ... Not now, not in the future as long as the KUNO parti(s) lives.

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