Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Procrastination Kings

If there's anything we Malaysians are good at, it's PROCRASTINATION. It ought to be a sin i think, because of all the time-wasting, and the delays etc. No wonder the consumers are paying more for less. Haven't you heard enough of these lines......:
1) "I'll get back to you on that one"- chances are they never really do come back to you with the answers.
2) " Let me think about it"- an excuse to sit on the problem for an extended period.
3) "Jom, minum dulu"- it didnt matter if it was a big case or it's a major problem, we always MAKE time for teh tarik, at any hour of the day.
4) "On the way"- when we're really not on the way. Your procrastination caused other people to waste their time. Why must people wait last minute before making a move to the agreed meeting place?
5) "Tunggu 'jap"- the person then stops to see this and that, or do this and that before actually doing the actual thing that was intended.
6) "Takpelah, esok ajelah kita buat. Nanti u email me. "- what that could have been done today they'll rather do it tomorrow. Why?


Tine said...

The one I simply cannot tahan is telling me that you're "on the way", when I only see you half an hour later than the stated time. There's the traffic, I know, but if you just left, for goodness' sake, say you just left lar.

Wanderer said...

I see somebody's a busy bee today. Anyway, I'd write more, but I'm "on the way". Where? Dunno. :D

iamikel said...

haha! that reminds me of when my mum asked me why i'm not home yet! i told her 'on the way home d!'

kyels said...

Yes, that is the trademark. Procrastinating rules! Bah!

I dislike it when people procrastinate too. They have no sense of responsibility.

belle said...

omg so terasa...terasa....terasa
i so hurt ugh.. AHHAHA

"tommorrow 1st la"

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