Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Didnt know there was such a thing until Belle awarded it to me. Silly me actually asked her what do i do with it. Post it and award it to someone else...Hmmm. I dont really frequent many and probably those that blogs that i frequent probably has it already. Eh, isn't there a Rockin' Guy Blogger award???? someone ought to look into that :)
Here's awarding it to Jem, Kyels and of coz lil' Babybandit!


belle said...

xDDD u deserver it ma
actually can ask andrew to belanja u makan to get award WHAHAH

Jemima said...

Thank you for the award. :)

You definitely rock, my friend. ;)


kyels said...

Thanks for the award! You do rock as well ... ;D


endroo G said...

why don't you put it on your side bar? Also that "thinking blogger award".

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