Monday, August 27, 2007

When You Have To

Was talking to the other tihtahpah and she was asking me about endroog . So i told her he has both his jaws shut tight and can't really speak properly and has upgraded from drinking from the syringe to straw. While i was explaining the mechanics of how he does the drinking from a straw (water seeps thru from the 'celah gigi'), she was amazed... but she did say, human can do a lot of amazing things when they have to.

And that's so true. Recently gallivanter also had a slight misfortune. They're both recuperating and have vowed to meet up again when all's well and strong again. This call for a celebration, guys. A celebration for surviving anything.

I guess determination and the willpower do play a part in steering to a speedy recovery. Of course with a little help from courage and loads of guts. How many people can get through a 2 hour plus dental surgery with the eyes wide awake and 20 trainee students looking at ya?

Anyone knows when was the last day of the chinese ghost month?


endroo G said...

My friend Lingesh told me that my accident happened probably because of the ghost month. Indian's ghost month just before Chinese' and its just over.

Maybe some kuai chai was playing on the road when I blacked out & fell.

Jemima said...

Endroo, pls pray to St.Pio for your own recovery too.
Check out this link:

kyels said...

Endroo; I hope that you are feeling better now and may you recover soon!


Yes, I do agree that with strong willpower, we can do anything. After all, the power of believing is stronger than what we think of it.

The seventh month will end around mid-September or around 12th of September ( if I am not mistaken ).

Gallivanter said...

I'm a week away from working again, 4 weeks is coming to an end. Yes endroo, we shall meet up for booze and I'll intro gallivantress to both of you. :-)

endroo G said...

Jem: Thanks for the link. I really didnt know who is St Pio at first.

kyels: The word will power rang a bell.

"If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower." - Adolf Hitler

I need to free my jaw.

galli: i gonna quit smoking. Booze? Hmm... maybe cut down to a pint or two. We shall meet gallivantress.

belle said...

gallli hahaha kesian!! glad u are alrite tho =D cheers!

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