Saturday, August 25, 2007

One Morning at Carcosa

My family's not a typical one. Imagine that my 2nd sis didn't even did her wedding album like what everyone else did. Well today, we had a little photoshoot that she arranged. All the family members gathered today at Carcosa Seri Negara for our shoot. Well, not after breakfast of course, food's very important to this lil family from Ipoh!

It was quite an impromptu thing considering that we didn't really get a proper attire and Peter, my bro-in-law's friend did this voluntarily to build up his portfolio. All we knew was to dress in red, black or white. My mom was informed late and dressed up in brown and orange...hahaha...but oh well, everything goes for us. Although my mom did wonder why we all chose to dress in black. Must be the slimming effect we were hoping for, hehe.

The family members are a little scattered now so this came just in time since more would be away from home from now on. And remember the 'lil addition' in the family???? She was a star of course, a real poser.

If you haven't done a family photoshoot, well, it's a good time to do it now. Peter says that photos look nicer after a slight rain where everyone is cool and more willing to pose for a good effect. And besides, it's a great way to make a momento of how the family was. And as Peter says (as he struggles to make the guys less stiff), "Feel the love." Hehe


Jemima said...

Will you by any chance be posting the photo when it's ready? ;)

endroo G said...

i dont think so, Jem.

kyels said...

Yes, family photos are important and we never did one before because my parents' aren't typical about all these things.

Good to hear that the photo turned out well!


belle said...

its very sweet... hope one day ill have those pics wit my family too.

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