Monday, August 20, 2007

The Right Concoction

Getting the right job is like getting the right concoction for a perfect cocktail. It has to be meticulous, sometimes you have to compromise with what you have available, and it has to be of the right timing and right mix. And great ingredients gives value-added taste.
1) The right timing- working hours ideally should be 5 working days. And how many of you guys are getting up as early as 6am to beat the jam because your working hours starts 8am? Rather work at 9.30 and clockout at 6.30.
2) The right salary- Salary and bonus ought to be proportionate to your scope of work. OK, so maybe it's too much to hope for, but at least justifiable then it should be reasonable enough.
3) The right people- Hey, colleagues are very important. I don't think age matters, but i do think the level of professionalism is important. I mean, you can't expect your chinaman-primary-school-dropout boss to understand KPI, milestones and all those other work jargons.
4) The incentive- This is value-added, you give me peanuts, i give you monkeys! People to tend to work harder if they know they'll be rewarded at the end of the day.
5) The CLAIMS- I dunno how many of us actually have to fork out first for maybe 1 month or more because the company's policy is to do claims once per month, and that's excluding the 1 week wait for processing and approving the cheques.
Did i miss out any other IMPORTANT ingredients?


kyels said...

True, true.


Jemima said...

Good luck with your job-hunt.
Hope you'll find all the right ingredients. ;)

Wanderer said...

Let me know if you do indeed find such a job.


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