Friday, August 24, 2007

Endroo's Fine

If you've read latest post, you'll know why i haven't updated my blog for some time. On Tuesday night after the Gwen concert, and after a few drinks, he blacked out and fell on his face while on his way to get his car. Luckily he regained consciousness and called me, i was just 2 mins away. He was bleeding badly and luckily Karyee and Bernard (thanks guys) were there and we ushered him to the Tmn Desa Hospital and then later refered to University Hosp.

Then it was some stitches, a night at the emergency ward and some x-rays, before he had to go for a dental surgery due to 2 fractures on the jaw and one vertical fracture on the chin. It was a 2-hour ordeal, and he consented for the trainee docs to watch the operation. He was awake during the operation, i can't imagine how that must have been like, i get scared even by a minor tooth extraction.

He's discharged now and resting at home. His jaw is all wired up (upper and lower one) so he can't speak properly and will be on a liquid diet. I am his private nurse now hehehe, like a timeout time for me.

The news sure spread fast and i got a lot of concerned calls from fellow bloggers, colleagues, friends abroad, and friends here. Endroo's got a visit from his good friends last night and i think it cheered him up a bit. Babybandit also tried to cheer him up (checkout the blog).

Will update all soon, after his checkup on 30th. Thanks all.


Jemima said...

Szer, take good care of him & yourself too.

Don't worry about updating. He's your priority for now. ;)

I've been praying for his recovery. That's the least I can do.

Pixelated Mo said...

sheesh... hope he is doing better..

Gallivanter said...

Glad to know he's alright. I haven't been reading blogs lately. It was Jemima who mentioned it to me.

Andrew's in good hands. Take care and we shall meet when all of us are recuperated from our surgeries. :-)

belle said...

omg glad he is ok!

cely said...

Oh Gosh, glad that he is fine!

Wow, u must be tiring also, Working+taking care of him!

U also take care!

Send my regards to him

xes said...

thanks for informing me. hope he gets well soon!

kyels said...

Yeah! I was wondering where you've been ... And I read Endroo's site.

I'm really, really glad that he is all right now. May he recover soon!

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