Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Self-Centered Shits

I dont mean to praise my boyfriend here but if there's one trait that i love about him is that he's not self-centered at all. You know why i say this, because i know of so many self-centered people. They are everywhere.

Say you're in a group, you're planning for an occasion, more often than not the not so self centered ones would compromise while the self centered ones want to have their way. Simple things like what gift to buy, where to have the party, what to do at the party. And i really hate women who take it for granted just because they're females so they can have a say in everything. That the men need to accomodate to her wishes. The lady gets her way not because she's powerful, but because other people are just more accomodative and less self-centered.
Then there are also those family members who leeches on u. The worst is when they think they deserve what they leeched of u, because as a family member, you're somewhat obligated to do so. Time to rid off these leeches. Don't let it ruin ur life. You have your own life to run.

I think all of us should step back and self-evaluate. Have we been self-centered sometimes? Do we always want things our way? Is it necessary? Are sometimes our wishes too 'melampau'? What is the impact to others? If u do think along those lines, chances are u're probably not self-centered...

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kyels said...

I hate self-centered people too especially when they're unhappy and decides to make you miserable so that they can have the "joy" of seeing someone on the same turf as them. They're everywhere, this species and the only way for them to change is to learn and stop being self-centered and take things for granted.

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