Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is it just me or did we all just forget how to be courteous nowadays? Remember the karaoke post i did about feeling like an Indian??? If everyone had their turn to sing perhaps i wouldnt have felt like that. Just that there are people who forget to be courteous and kept hogging the mikes. I dont seem to have that kind of problem with my (much) older friends, perhaps because they somehow still have courtesy instilled in them.

People forget simple things like Thankyous and Sorrys, or 'You first', even greetings like 'good morning' and 'good night'. Part of being courteous is also to respect other people's wishes and rights. Part of being courteous is also to respect another person's likes and dislikes and not force people to follow your way. for e.g., i cannot condemn another person for liking chinese songs just because i dont, and so, the other party shouldnt condemn me for liking english songs.
But maybe that's just too much to ask from the rude malaysians.

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kyels said...

I wrote about this once. Malaysians are really rude these days which I won't deny. Like what you said, it's just too much to ask for courtesy from rude Malaysians.

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