Monday, August 27, 2007

New Kelabs & Parti

In celebration of the upcoming elections, here are some new Kelab and Parti that may be of interest. These are strictly recommendations only.
1) Parti Anti-Polis & Authority of Any Kind
2) Parti Get-Back-Our-Taxes
3) Kelab Anti-Tol Malaysia
4) Parti Blogger-For-The-People
5) Kelab Anti-Duit-Kopi
6) Parti Accountants-For-Politicians
7) Parti Pencegah Kotoran Malaysia
8) Parti Pemusnah Sampah Masyarakat Malaysia

:) Feel free to add on.


endroo G said...

Kelab Anti Mat Rempit
Supreme Council of Local Councils

kyels said...

Kelab Anti Lepak

Parti Kebersihan Tandas Awam.

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