Saturday, August 18, 2007

Turning 29

Can't believe i'm gonna be hitting 29 soon. It's been 5 years since my graduation. Can't help but assess and re-assessing what i've done and what i've achieved so far.

Unlike most people i don't really measure my achievement by my job. Ohno, that's just a vehicle to get what i wanna achieve. Instead i count my blessings by the friendships i've made, if i've done my best to nurture all friendships. Sadly there are some that i've lost touch with, most are no longer in KL. A friend from UK just called me today to say he's coming back. Just the thought that he even remembers me gives me great warmth in my heart.

It has also been about 3 years since my last 'real' relationship, and i'm blessed to have found my 'partner' in life early this year. It must sound somewhat crazy but i do look and stare at him and at times wonder of how the next 50 years gonna be like, but i'm assured with him beside me, nothing seems bleak anymore. At least i know i can always count on his love to get me through anything. perhaps this has been the best gift of the year.
Well, i await excitedly for my birthday to come. I am glad i would be surrounded by my bf and best friends (namely one of the tihtahpahs) and i can't think of a better way to celebrate and welcome my late 20s! and yeah, at the eve of my bday, i'm gonna be at gwen stefani's concert! That is if PAS dont get in the way. :)


Tine said...

That's great :) Yeah, I know what you mean. Really have to count our blessings, which, sadly, we only see when things are looking up. I remembered feeling absolutely low on my 26th birthday because I was going through a very bad r'ship, and was feeling that things just can't get any worse, I'm older but none the wiser. But on came the 27th year, and things became so much better, and I finally enjoyed growing another year older.

Anyways, best wishes to you TihTahPah :) Many more bdays to come ;)

Jemima said...

You are where you are 'coz you believe in all possibilities.

I am sure Endroo will make this b'day a memorable one for you.

Enjoy Gwen! Wish I could be there with you guys.

Happy Birthday in advance & may your wishes come true. :)

kyels said...

I'm here wishing you Happy Birthday in advance!

May you be blessed all the way and hopefully everything that you're wishing for will be granted. Also, may your future undertakings be successful!


Lex said...

I owe u a certain chocolate cake... Nice pressie eh on birthday eve... I'm happy for you :-)

belle said...

happy beday in advance!!... =D
glad..u have what u need ^^

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