Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girl Bands

Have you guys heard : Spice Girls have reunited and is planning the first tour starting at Vancouver. And well, here's a list of all the famous girl bands....
1) The Go-Gos- That's where Belinda Carlisle was from. It was the first all-woman band who write and play their own songs-according to wiki.
2) Wilson Phillips- Girl band that sang few beatiful songs (Carnie and Wendy Wilson-daughters of Brian Wilson, Beach Boys)
3) THe Supremes- Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard
4) Destiny Child- of coz of coz. Not a fan, but they were good.
5) SWV, En Vogue, Sweet Sensation etc

Women don't just bikin anak afterall. :)


Jemima said...

LOL.. Love your punchline! :p

Spice Girls should now be known as Old Spice. :p

Don't forget The Pointer Sisters with their "I'm so excited". ;)

zeroimpact said...

I looking at TLC
Heh heh heh

belle said...

i swear i heard the name belinda carlisle before!

Andrew said...

Belle: Circle In The Sand, Take My Breath Away and Heaven is a place on Earth.

endroo G

kyels said...

Girls memang tak bikin anak all the time!

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