Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Malaysia's most overused English words/phrases
1) Actually (Actually ar, she.....)
2) Already (I finish already..) usually pronounced to sound like 'oredi' or 'a-dy'
3) Don't want (I don't want it already)
4) No problem (No problem, don't worry)
5) ..and then? ( yar yar...and then? and then?)
6) ...brother... (Eh, brother! * with a slam on the fella's shoulder*)
Malaysia's most overused Malay words/phrases
1) Bos, kira! -widely used at the mamak
2) Amoi - word I hate the most- in reference to a Chinese girl
Malaysia's most common known Cantonese slangs (used even by the Malays and Indians)
1) Kautim - means completed
2) Ngam - means good rapport/relationship
Malaysia's most overused Tamil words
1) Aaa neh - in reference to a person older than you
2) Thamby - in reference to a person younger than you
Malaysia's most overused Hukkien slangs- think I can't post it here..mostly vulgar :)
And finally AHBUHTHEN: a manifestation of English + Hukkien usually used to mock people


LinUS OS said...

you left out:

Can meh?
Cannot wor...
Like that also can...
Together-gether= bersama-sama
Same same= sama sama (probably originated from together-gether)
Best gile..

tihtahpah said...

Cayalah??? Best gile? Maybe we are from different generation..hahahahah... BUt Like that also can..that's quite overused i agree....
Together-gether??? never heard of wor..

linus os said...

together-gether...there is a song being played in hitz fm these days...together gether ma...try catching it...kakaka

kye said...

you forgot this too:


tihtahpah said...

right on...GOT MEH is definitely overused..GOT is english though but MEH is probably chinese slang

imn said...

wut abt beh hiau kien? cincai.. nehmind...

Anonymous said...

how about


That guy kena table wan

sikit saja

Bloodname Kisiel

tihtahpah said...

That guy kena table wan??? Apa tu Kisiel?

tiramisu said...

yeah ... i pun tak paham

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