Friday, August 18, 2006

Some guys are ...

... the predators. They hop from one girl to another. They could ask a girl out right after a break up. If they're single, their radar is always ON and actively detecting for potentials. Every girl they see is a prey. They're not afraid to show their interest in you and express their feelings openly - which is suppose to be a good thing. Well, provided that they don't do this to EVERY girl they see! They master in the art of sweet talking.

... the lurkers. They secretly admire and/or send gifts anonymously. But why? Perhaps they are shy? Afraid of rejection? But isn't not doing anything as bad as being rejected? My motto is: If you wanna be anonymous, you may as well stay anonymous for the rest of my life! :D

... the mysterious ones. They seem to show interest but they don't ask you out. What's the deal with that? They feed you with some love, then leave you craving for more. Are they too experienced and realistic to know that jumping into a relationship too fast is not a good thing? Are they still checking off their wish list? Perhaps they know you're going crazy with that and that's what they wanna do.

... the tihtahpah. These are usually quality men. They know what they want in their life. Their schedule is normally packed, no time for crap talk or crap business. They know exactly what kind of women they want. If they get to meet them, good. If not, it's not a show stopper. They indulge in enough activities/sports/hobbies to keep them occupied for the rest of their lives!

So ... which one are you?

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toniXe said...

very funny ah u !

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