Friday, August 25, 2006

National Toilet Summit

Some 'very important people' recently held a National Toilet Expo and Forum in a SHOPPING MALL, organized by the 'Quality Restroom Association'. OK, gimme a break. It is quite an embarrassment when your VIPs have to organize trivial events like this to teach their people how to use the toilet properly. What a joke. And where is this held at? At a friggin SHOPPING MALL! Why? because that's where you'll find your citizens :(

Being a Malaysian, when I see articles like this in the news, I feel disappointed and embarrassed and sad. I don't hate this country. I want to love this country but sometimes you gotta give me something to love. We at tihtahpah don't hate this country. We're just disappointed and frustrated. We're frustrated because we feel powerless. We are scared. Scared that the country's not gonna make it far. Well, I'm tellin ya, we ain't gonna make it when the gov is engrossed in teaching their people basic toilet etiquette! That's just sad. And we're not talking about a poor country where people couldn't afford to eat or go to school. We're talking about a healthy developing country with a good education system to cover the population. It's just damn disheartening to see these 'educated' people stuck in barbaric mentality. We can see what's holding us back but there's nothing we can do about it, except to vent it here, hoping to open the minds of even the tiniest fraction of the society.

It's a sad day :(


Mngcc said...

1st, i think they did it right installing toilets for people. 2nd, lack of public hygene awareness. 3rd, poor toilet management - u think u wanna sit ur ass on that f'king dirty bowl? i'd rather keep the shit inside myself if i were to site on that shitty bowl. Unless u know some techniques of chinese martial art that can make u shit standing. shame on us - Malaysian

tihtahpah said...

I think it's a chicken-egg problem. If only everyone can keep it the way it was when they first get in - then there'll be no problem ! It works in other countries, why can't the Malaysians do it?? Sigh, will this day ever come?

imn said...

this is malaysia for u.. the politicians discuss (in PARLIAMENT)abt trivial matters like how Siti and Datuk K's marriage will ENCOURAGE young women to look for old married/just divorced men.. i mean, who cares? if they are really so worried abt these young women that they'll have such thoughts (god forbid?), then it's time for a good education Revamp that goes with the times.. revise those lame laughable moral studies that seem to really insult the common sense..

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to education.

In other countries, if you cross the white line at a traffic light, the pedestrians will yell at you. Here, the pedestrians just go behind your car.. because of the perceived status "you can afford a car so i cant yell at you".

Just like here, I'm allowed to not flush or clean because I paid those people outside RM0.20 to clean it.

This has to change. People have to be responsible and not throw garbage out the window expecting MBAS to clean it up.

And this generation is already farked up. The next generation is the last hope.

This thing needs to be taught in school. Common sense is not so common.

bloodnamed kisiel

toniXe said...

I was waiting 4 someone like you to say it and u have, thank goodness(inspite of your namesake) !

They r stupid all right, aren't they all ?

We r treading on dangerous ground tho bcos Malaysians are multiracial and segregated into different religious beliefs
giving rise to unexplained strange behaviors. Its complex, may not be education, more like refusing to accept reality and best acceptable way to do things, know what I mean ?

Sometimes it is Politics lah, and things r not what they seem.

sorry 4 the blah blah

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