Thursday, August 24, 2006

NOW everyone can fly!

I love all these airlines competing to give cheaper airfare...When you really think about it, flying used to be a luxury unknown to the medium-wage earners like me, often resorting to long hours crammed in the bus or bumpy rides in my lil' rundown Kelisa. NOW, we don't have to take MAS. Life's about CHOICES. We have no-frills AirAsia- really I can do without the pathetic range of red wine in MAS flights and the orange juice, and now..we have TigerAirways. So, Malaysia govt shifted the AirAsia Terminal to the LCCT-in an effort to bring down Air Asia....(btw Air Asia counterattack with a really lowfare transfer from KL Sentral to LCCT for only RM9). The govt can do anything they want. Worse come to worse, we'll just take the FirstCoach bus from Bangsar to Novena(Singapore) and take Tiger Airways to whatever International destination!Now everyone can truly fly...hehe

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