Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spice in Language

Here's some of the 'spices' i have come across.....feast ur eyes...
1) GOONDU- although i was wondering if it should have been doongu
2) BASKET- I think i've been using this since i was probably 15....some ppl have modified it throughout the years of its existence to BASKETBALL..
3) FARKERS- more savvy than *$*&^-kers i suppose...
4) MCH- something i adopted when i was in university...i think i need not elaborate..well, my fren even made a song about this lovely 'spice'
5) DITCHAROO- for ditchers , also FFKers
6) NIASENG- anybody actually knows what chinese dialect is this?
7) FFK- Same as Ditcharoo..only that its easier to sms 'ffk' than the other-
8) TFK- go figure
9) SHIT!!!!!!!!- notice the exclamation marks..
10) Oi/Woi-good word to use when you can't remember the other person's name, besides it sounds much friendlier than HI, Hello..
11) ONS- probably started off in Singapore...where everyone talks in abbreviations..call me if you dont know what this means..
12) SMURF- okok..i admit..only I and certain ppl use this word..but i just needed this word to be here...maybe popularize it a bit..ahahhaa...can be used to describe a person as short or silly or weird or strange or stupid or goondu..very versatile
13) SIEN- Overused word in working life. Sien la today. Why so sien?
In truth, i doubt you can find a good, decent word to replace these words to best describe what you wanna convey or say. Kudos for whoever who created these!
P/S: Some common words are omitted because it's deemed to be too inappropriate

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