Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Singleton as a Friend

The Singleton is....
1.The Hidden Friend -As a female singleton, i brand myself as the Hidden Friend. So many a times, i'll be caught animated in a conversation with a fellow guy friend, when all of a sudden, he gets a phone call - and always its the girlfriend. So first question from the gf would be "Where and who u with?". I'm always
a) Just some customer laaaa
b) supplier...
c) just a friend...male..(irregardless that i am acquainted with the gf)
d) yumcha kaki onli
2. The Last Minute Friend -Again, the concept that singletons are always free, makes it easy for their friends to make last minute plans with the singletons. And there's never a worry if the other party needs to check if the gf/bf is free or not, whether the gf/bf minds if they go out, whether they have transport or not. Singletons are always mobile!!! Ever on the go.
3. The Organizer -Singletons are always appointed as organizers for bday parties, drinking sessions, dinner sessions, mamak sessions...just because people always assume singletons have more time or they dont need to consult/report to their spouses/bf/gf. People dont see that it actually gives the singletons the chance to plan the sessions AROUND their schedule.
4. The Aunt Agony- Singletons are always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, or to knock some sense in some really screwed up, bastardic, silly friends. Just ask yourself, how many attached friends would actually sit down with you, walk through ur problems with you, sit through a really long lonngggg mamak session..Comparatively, singletons have more TIME TO SPARE for their friends.

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