Wednesday, August 16, 2006

E-mail boo-boos or no?

Here are some examples of phrases that I often see in emails. Not sure whether they are correct to use. Any feedback would be great.

1. “Please advice”. Should it not be “Please advise”. The same goes with “I need your advise”, should it not be “I need your advice”.

2. “Please do the needful”. Sounds weird, though I think the sentence could be correct. But why can’t we just use “Please do what is necessary/required”. Simpler isn’t it?
3. “Enclosed herein is..” or “ Enclosed herewith is..”. I usually just have “Please find this enclosed”. Think that’s good enough?
4. “Please double confirm” and “Please double check”. Seems so mahfan.. why need to double everything?
5. “As per conversation with your goodself..” Seems very assuming, how do I know if you’re really good, saintly-halo-on-the-head good? I know it’s correct, but I find it awkward, pretending ppl are good.. come on. “As per conversation with yourself..” should suffice?
6. “What you reckon?” I thought it should be “What do you reckon?” No?
7. “..Should be able to shed some lights.” HAHA, I think this is obvious.
8. “Kindly revert to us”. Revert is to go back to a former condition, rite? Or to reverse something? Seems really strange though I admit it's widely used.


Anonymous said...

and I said, "Let there be light!"

linus os said...

where is my airborne? deserves some attention no? lol...

linus os said...

oh yeah..and the reason for double confirm I guess this way it is easier to find scapegoat if anything goes wrong....

See I already told you to DOUBLE confirm.....I told you to double check.....still can go wrong...hmph!

tihtahpah said...

linus os, chill, linus os, sense a lot of angst in u (hehe)
the 'airborne' example is so 'totally' wrong that I am quite sure there is no doubt that it CANNOT (absolutely) be used, hence i did not put it in.

anonymous, good take but y are u quoting God? hahhaha.. and y r u anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Hahah.. shed some lights..

"This should shed some lights in that empty void you call a brain"

Bloodname Kisiel

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