Wednesday, August 16, 2006

That's so Passe.....

1) have your t-shirt collars upturned...rockstar mehhh
2) know only English......everyone's going global, need to be multi-lingual or Mandarin-speaking. People in Taiwan can speak English/Mandarin/Japanese with language schools at every corner of Taipei.
3) go for buffet......everyone's going 'organic' now and people are getting more health-conscious
4) use icq.....there's skype and msn
5) be a virgin..... pre-marital sex is necessary
6) watch TVB series.....hullo? Reality tv shows are invading the tv time
7) have a Bachelor degree.....most people get Master's degree/MBA. there are currently 56 MBAprogrammes in China alone.
8) only read newspapers....because of information sharing and globalisation, more & more people are sourcing elsewhere for faster, more ACCURATE news in websites, news media, blogs, magazines..etc

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