Thursday, August 17, 2006

Creative Business

Most Malaysian I think , sit around and try to churn out new business ideas...who doesn't wanna make a quick buck right? But it always boils down to NO capital..but good ideas nevertheless....
1) Concept Tours- NY has its Kramer tour, Sex & the City Tour, Malaysia can have its Eating Tour, Nightlife Tour, Penang-Eats-Only Tour, Beach Tour, History Tour, Jungle Tour basically...customers can customize their tours to their specific budget and specific locations they wanna cover
2) Men's Grooming Center - I think fashion would eventually catch up in Malaysia..women are already doing great but Malaysian men Makeovers might come in handy in future.
3) Drive-Thru Cinema- Ok..we don't have this and remember how well Starlight Cinema in Bukit Kiara did? People didn't mind sitting on the padang...This idea calls for a big piece of land though.
4) Drive-Thru Ramly Burger & Cendol/Ais Kacang Combo - You'll be surprised how Malaysians like these kinda things..a lot of KL people know about the infamous Ipoh drive-thru soyabean stall. Definitely beat the McDonald's drivethru. Honestly, most Malaysian prefer Ramly Burger, just that there's usually no seating area.
5) Coffee City- Basically a big Coffee hub - specializes in international array of coffee beans for coffee lovers- served with biscotti and chocolates. Only pay entrance fees. Customers can even brew their own coffee. It has to be as big as Nike City. The fad might fade, but then you can always switch to Tea City :)
Can think of any?


Carlos Juanito :) said...

a lot of malaysian guys are hottie so i think its about time to have a grooming center. the term "metrosexual" is so much IN nowadays and it nice to have METROSEXUAL MALAYSIANS

tihtahpah said...

yes..ppl thing that metrosexual males are gays but its really applicable for any urban male ..nothing wrong with men being a little vain i think

Anonymous said...

ghey ghey ghey

Bloodname Kisiel

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