Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Malaysian Debt Diet

Well, I was on MC last Friday, and I caught this on tv- Oprah'sDebtDiet . Has some seriously interesting tips on how we can save our money. Well, i'm going to attempt to Malaysianize it so we can use it...
1) Reduce Credit Card debt- How many of u guys out there are seriously in debt with your credit card company? Did you know that you can wave some percentage off if you would just pick up the phone and CALL them..tell them,,,this is all you have, and ask for a waiver!
2) Reduce Eating Out expenses- I've tried this myself, and compared - Eating out will cost RM5 per person , that's RM35 for 1 week, but by cooking your own meals, you'd probably only spend RM35 per week for 2 persons!
3) Eat light lunch- I realize that we Malaysians eat really heavy lunch when most of us who the sit-in-office workers don't really need that much of calories. Try eating some crackers with a hearty Milo drink once in a while.
4) Take Up Part time Jobs- Really, instead of spending your time whiling away at the mamak- talking about how to make more money, why not just take up a part time job tutoring- it could be just RM50 per week, but you'll be generating an extra RM200 per month!
5) Selling Your Old Junk- What's junk to you may be gem to others....try Ebay
Anyone has other useful tips?

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