Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Of Soap Operas and Malaysian TV

OK...I was watching 24 Season 4 and the Secretary of State was played by William Devane. I was trying to place him in some movie that I've seen but couldnt get where I've watched him act before. And then I realized that I recognize him from KnotsLanding.! Click on that and you'll realize Nicolette Sheridan from Desperate Housewives was also there. Some of the other soap operas that have tantalized Malaysian households
1) Dynasty - of the Carringtons & the Colbys..hehe
2) Dallas - Ewing Oil...ring a bell?
3) FalconCrest -Anyone watching The BOld and THe Beautiful? Recognize Lorenzo Lamas from this duddy soap
Thanks RTM- for bringing us these soaps that's still apparently deeply embedded in my mind. I'm somewhat slightly freaked.

1 comment:

kye said...

mum was crazy over these when I was little ... the opening song of Dynasty still rings in my head !

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