Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Admiring The Body

Michaelangelo's David is what signifies the beauty of God's creation. I've always been amazed by the beauty of it all, be it a female or a male. And every person is unique. No matter how ugly you may think you are, another person may find beauty in your flaws and imperfections. Every person looks at a different part of a woman/man at first glance, don't you agree? For me, it's probably the eyes, then the mouth. The eyes, not so much on double eyelids or deepset eyes or sepet eyes or colour. I look for eyes that smile (eh, really, I'm not bluffing) and twinkle. Eyes with full of expression. Some people have deadened eyes that's blank and blur (maybe too much intake of weed). Some have insincere eyes that lie. Some do not make eye contact at all, perhaps shy or just plain lansi. Then there are dodgy eyes, yar the wandering kind. LOL. Genuine heartfelt eyes are rare. Then there's also the staring eyes. Can feel the eyes trying to penetrate your mind and into your soul. Hey, and angry eyes are kinda fascinating too. Yes indeed, the eyes is the window to your soul.
Notable (killer)eye-winners: Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Imbruglia, Jude Law, Lee Yee (Gallivanter's kawan)


Gallivanter said...

Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Imbruglia...YES...Gallivanter's kawan...YES too... ;-)

Jemima said...

I went & saw David in Florence in 2005.
I was amazed by the beauty of the sculpture - how even the veins on the legs seems so real.

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