Friday, March 02, 2007


Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side (oh baby I)
Cherish the joy
You keep bringing it into my life (Im always singing it)
Cherish your strength
You got the power to make me feel good (and baby I)
Perish the thought
Of ever leaving, I never would- CHERISH (Madonna)
We all forget to cherish our loved ones sometimes. Just yesterday a friend of mine told me his gf felt that he cherish his friends more than her. Folks, this is an alarm to a potential request to breakup. My friend never realized until I pointed out a few instances he related to me. A simple gesture of holding hands matters. He doesn't realize that he has not shown her how much he really cherishes her. Or maybe he doesn't. Great love doesn't come easily. And when it does unexpectedly, just cherish the joy and the moments together. Do not take it for granted.

1 comment:

belle said...

sometimes.. even if u cherish a person..
often u r the one who r the one being mistreated ..

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